Federal Ministers of Health and Darfur Region Discuss Securing Arrival of Medical Supplies

Khartoum – Sudan Events

The meeting between the Acting Federal Minister of Health , Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, and the Minister of Health and Social Development in Darfur region, Babiker Hamdeen, discussed health situation in the region and how to restart health institutions that suspended due to the war, addition to delivering medical supplies to stable States,
beginning campaigns to combat epidemics, the importance of reporting on the epidemiological situation, and the challenges facing the health sector.
Ibrahim revealed efforts to restart the suspended health institutions, pointing to the dispatch of medical supplies during last period, the most important and intravenous solutions, and expected to send more supplies in the event of the arrival of new batches through medical supplies.
Ibrahim stressed on development of coordination mechanisms within the region to deliver the supply of medicine to its states, acknowledging that the direct damage occurred on some of states has had noticeable impact at level of health service provision due to the war, calling for communication with the security authorities to ensure the safety of the arrival of supply and coordination and follow-up with medical supplies.
Hamdeen asked to contribute to the continuation of health services, and to cover the need for medicine and medical equipment, and pointed to the development of guidelines and mechanisms for the work of organizations, and added, “The biggest challenge is how to deliver the drug supply from the city of Rabak to the region while ensuring its safety.

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