A decision to Amend the Customs Dollar Exchange Rate

Sudan Events – Rehab AbudAlah

The Customs Forces Headquarters issued a decision today (Thursday) amending the exchange rate of the US dollar for the purposes of collecting customs duties toSDGs (700) effective November 5th.
The decision was confirmed by (Sudan Events)
According to a copy of it, issued by the General Administration of Compliance and Facilitation, Tariffs Department, the amendment came based on the letter of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning dated October 31, 2023 and the directives of the Director of the Customs Forces.
Sudan Events indicates that the customs dollar was calculated at SDGs600 .
After the increase in the customs dollar, it rose from SDGs 445 to SDGs 564 or 27% in 2021. Commodity prices increased significantly and the customs dollar was canceled after unifying the exchange rate in the economic reform measures that were implemented in 2021-2022, the most important of which were unifying the exchange rate against the dollar and liberalizing gasoline and gasoline products.

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