Sudanese Army Announces Severe Blow at Rebels

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The Sudanese Army (SAF) said that it made a blow that it described as “very strong” for the Rapid Support (RSF) militia in Al -Ailafoun region, where the rebellion tried to attack Al-Ailafoun camp, where they were confronted by the SAF. The blow incurred a very large number of dead and wounded and destroyed a number of four Land Cruisers and a Sarsar armour.

In a statement by the SAF spokesman, Brig. Gen. Nabil Abdullah, he assured his operational position on Wednesday that the armed forces are continuing strongly and determined to carry out their holy national duty and that they are fully confident in victory, God willing.

He added that SAF is giving its blood, sweat and tears to uphold the banner of the homeland, which will never fall, no matter how much the intensity of the RSF terrorist militia attempts to mobilize the mercenaries and criminals and weak souls.

Nabil pointed out that the RSF attempts to attack the protectors and the teams will not reap anything behind them and will not benefit from them, promising that SAF will maintain the country and take it into its citizens soon, free of mercenaries, militias and rebels.

He went on to add that private work groups continue their efforts in Khartoum and Omdurman to carry out their tasks and operations, and the enemy incurred a lot of losses.

The spokesperson for the Sudanese army saluted in the conclusion of his statement, the citizens who stand in steadfast throughout Sudan behind the SAF, the General Intelligence Service, the police, and the volunteers.

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