MOH in North Kordofan: (1094 Injuries Dozens of Deaths among Civilians

Sudan Events – Nawal Shanan

Director General of the Ministry
Health, Welfare and Social in North Kordofan State, Dr. Iman Malik Abdul Rahman, revealed that the varying injuries among civilians in the city of El-Obeid, were caused by the RSFduring their repeated attack on El-Obeid, amounted to (1094) cases that entered and exited accidents, others were hypnotized, in addition to dozens of deaths during repeated clashes.

She added in a press release (Thursday) that the RSF caused the exit of nine health institutions in the state, which were providing treatment services to citizens, and now they are completely out of service and innocent citizens have been deprived of their services, and explained that they have been used as military barracks.

Malik revealed that they face a great challenge regarding the access of medicines, all humanitarian aid to citizens, and those displaced due to the siege of the city of El Obeid from the Rapid Support Forces.

Malik pointed out that the state suffers from the spread of dengue fever, and has become semi-endemic, and there are fears of an explosion of cholera among the camps for the displaced, unless integrated health measures are put in place.

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