RSF Commits New Massacre in Omdurman

Sudan Events -Talal Mudathir

Sudanese capital Khartoum has been witnessing fierce fighting since Saturday morning between the governmental SAF and the RSF militia in wide areas of the capital’s cities.
Army fighter jets launched heavy air strikes north of the Jabal Awlia area – 40 km south of Khartoum – with mutual shelling between SAF and militia forces.
The RSF militia committed a root in the neighborhood of ( Al Thawra) area in Omdurman when they shelled indiscriminately with the densely populated “Danat” lane “15”, and the shelling caused the death of “14” civilians on the spot, while small tricycles were seen transporting dozens of wounded and injured to the “Al-Nu Government” hospital – the only hospital operating in the region – amid calls by activists on social media platforms for residents to come to the hospital to donate blood.

Citizen “Amjad Al-Jack”, a resident of the area, who spoke by phone to “Sudan Events”, said that today’s incident is not the first, but it is the most losing in terms of the number of victims. stressing that the residents of the area have been living under the Indiscriminate bombing of the RSF for some time.

He added that three projectiles “Dana” also fell today in the neighborhood Al Thawra area and it is not yet possible to know the number of victims and count the damage.

The two sides – the Sudanese army and the RSF Militia have engaged in the midst of a new round of negotiations that began on the twenty-sixth of last October in Jeddah under the auspices of the United States – Saudi Arabia, after a suspension for about four months following the withdrawal of the army from the negotiations, and the Sudanese hope that the new round will lead to a cessation of the war that has raged for more than six months.

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