War Exposes Greed of Factories Owners

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Some citizens expressed surprise at the presence of imported goods of low prices compared to the goods manufactured locally, others considered the war revealed the greed of local factory owners.M
Member of the Federation of Employers, Hashem Al-Fadel, denounced the high prices of locally manufactured goods before the war compared to similar imported goods, he said in his speech to (Sudan Events ) why the factories were exaggerating in prices, pointing out that the matter is very clear with regard to the prices of flour, oil, soap, children’s biscuits and others, indicating that the price of local flour 25 kilos was before the war 12 thousand pounds, but now, after taking customs and taxes, its price is much lower, criticizing the Ministry of Finance 2 thousand pounds on the flour mobile, although it is a basic commodity that is supposed to be supported.

However, the owner of biscuit factory attributed in his speech to (Sudan Events ) the high prices of locally manufactured goods in terms of the imposition of a number of levies by the state on the local industry “federal and local.

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