Sudanese party forms A committee to Reconstruct Khartoum

Sudan Events -Talal Mudathir

Deputy Head of Democratic Unionist Party,Jaafar Al-Sadiq Al-Mirghani said that their party formed a committee headed by the party’s head assistant Dr. Taha Ali Al-Bashir, so as to search for initiatives to reconstruct Khartoum, stressing that the committee will be ready as soon as a military agreement is signed between the two parts in Jeddah, pointing out to the need to integrate the item of direct compensation for those affected into the committee’s agenda.
Al-Mirghani said that maintaining social peace is a collective responsibility that concession should made in mercy to the homeland and its people ,so that it can regain its place and status, and that any way to safe Sudanese is the way of the Democratic Unionist Party of origin.

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