Industry Reveals Causes of Increase in Sugar Prices

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Ministry of Industry acknowledged that the national factories in Sudan were exposed to huge damsges in the country.
However, f Industry Minister Batoul Abbas, denied in a press conference in Atbara (Monday) the existence of statistics now due to the war conditions. She added that the Ministry of Industry and the Federation of Chambers of Industry confirmed that the industrial sector needs reconstruction and financing from the Arab funds, donors and the African Bank after assessing the damage.

On the other hand, Batoul attributed the rise in sugar prices in the states to the exhaustion of the strategic stock of sugar after the looting of the Kenana Sugar Company, “the national product,” confirming that the Kenana Company’s production will enter this November, noting the ability of local production to fill the large gap that exists now.

She indicated that the ministry issued a declararion to all governors of Sudan stipulating the necessity of providing lands for industrial cities and preparing the necessary infrastructure, such as electricity services and others, to attract national capital.

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