Khartoum Resumption of Studies Conditional on War Halt

Sudan Events – Talal Ismail

Khartoum state settled the directives of the Council of Ministers to resume studies in educational stages and conditioned it on the cessation of the war.

Acting Wali of Khartoum( Governor), Ahmed Osman Hamza, met today with the Director General of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Qariballah Mohamed Ahmed, and Dr. Mohamed Hamedno Al-Bashir, Director of the General Administration of Basic Education in Khartoum State.

The meeting reflected on the directives of the Federal Cabinet to submit a report on the resumption of the school year in safe states.

The meeting stressed the state’s keenness to stabilize the school year while ensuring the safety of students in light of the ongoing war .

The meeting deliberated on the obstacles to resuming the study represented by the continuation of the war in Khartoum state and that many schools have been converted as shelter areas and most of the teachers are outside the state.

Based on these data, it is not possible to resume classes in Khartoum state until after the end of the war , the meeting left the option open for those who wish to enroll their sons and daughters in safe state schools.

The meeting directed the Ministry of Education to study distance education options, provided that they are through accessible and accessible means and channels for all.

It is worth noting that the meeting assured of the arrangements for disbursing one month’s salary to teachers in the coming days

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