Tribal Confrontations between Hamar and RSF in Western Sudan

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The city of “Al-Nuhud” in West Kordofan State – 633 km from the capital, Khartoum, is witnessing a state of alert after information circulated about the Rapid Support (RSF) Militia’s intention to invade the city.

Meetings of notables

A source inside the city – who preferred to withhold his name for security concerns – reported that the notables of “Al Hamar” tribe – an Arab tribe whose origins go back to the Arabian Peninsula – that inhibits the city remained in a constant state of meetings with the aim of confronting any possible attack by the RSF on the city and standing alongside the Sudanese army (SAF). The source added: What I see is a harbinger of an upcoming battle between Al Hamar and the Misseriya – a tribe whose members belong to the RSF- and Al Hamar do not leave their land.

New targeting of oil fields

In the state of East Darfur, the RSF militia launched an attack yesterday, Sunday, on the “Zarqa Um Hadidah” and “Shaq Omar” fields in the Adila and Abu Karinka localities, and the interruption of communications services in the Yass and Asalaiya localities in the state of East Darfur has completed its first month.
As for the “Abu Zabid” area of West Koderfan State, Sudanese army fighters bombed a military convoy consisting of “70” combat vehicles there.
However, citizens there expressed their surprise at the fact that the bombing was concentrated next to Al-Hafira and did not target the militia cars located inside the buildings of Abu Zabid University.

Balila: Civilian demands to resume work

On a related note, the people of the “Balila” area in West Kordofan State appealed to the management of the “Balila” oil field to return and resume work after it was subjected to attacks and sabotage by the RSF militia last week.

The cessation of work by the company operating the field caused problems for the residents due to the cessation of water supplies and the services that the field management was providing to them.

The SAF and the RSF Militia had resumed a new negotiation round that began on the twenty-sixth of last October in the city of Jeddah under American-Saudi sponsorship, after a suspension that lasted for about four months, while the militia forces continued their military attack on the SAF divisions and garrisons despite the continuation of the negotiations.

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