Canada Extends Residency of Sudanese 

Sudan Events -Talal Mudathir

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has decided to extend the temporary measures to assist Sudanese citizens in Canada for another year by allowing them to continue to extend their stay or change their status as visitors, students or temporary workers free of charge.

The Canadian administration tweeted on its account on Monday, saying, “We are extending these temporary special measures for foreign citizens who fled Sudan with their Canadian family members, including Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents, until October 27, 2024.”

Under the decision, Sudanese citizens in Canada who left after the start of the conflict and entered Canada before July 15 of this year can extend their temporary residency status or apply for other temporary residency documents.

The IRCC also announced that because some Sudanese applicants for permanent residency from outside Canada are unable to access Sudanese travel documents, so it “waives the requirement to maintain a passport or travel document to approve a permanent residency visa to come to Canada,” which opens the door wide for many Sudanese who want to come there.

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