Prosecution Resumes in Khartoum

Khartoum – Rehab Abdullah

Governor of Khartoum state Ahmed Osman Hamza, discussed (Tuesday) with Maulana Al-Alem Mohamed Rashid, the Supreme Prosecutor of Karari Locality, and Maulana Abu Zaid Hassan, the First Prosecutor, the final arrangements for resuming the work of the prosecution, as it was decided that the prosecution would begin its work next Sunday.
The governor stressed his keenness to complete the justice triangle (police, prosecution, and courts) and said that today’s step to resume the work of the prosecution is an important step in terms of the fact that the citizen needs the prosecution’s service and the completion of the reporting cycle.
In addition, the Supreme Prosecutor, Mawlana Al-Alam Muhammad Rashid, called on citizens to come to the prosecution headquarters to complete their procedures. The agents will also visit the police stations, review the reports, and take action.

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