Complaints on Multiple Fees Imposed on Private Mining

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The representative of the Federal Mining Coordination and the Dispute Resolution Committee in the Northern State, Mohammed Hamid, complained about the multiple fees imposed on private or so-called traditional mining.

Hamid told (Sudan Events) that fees are taken from him in three stages, pointing out that a fee is collected for one sack of stone is 2,500 SDGs and other fees are taken after flouring the sack “after the result” amounting to 1,000 SDGs for each gram, and the waste is confiscated.

He criticised the taking of private mining waste for the benefit of waste companies without compensation for the producing metal, the owner of the waste, and it is processed and the extraction rate is 70% in favor of the companies, and the government’s percentage of it is 33%.

Hamid confirmed that the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company is defrauding miners with multiple fees and levies, and each item is allocated a fee.

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