Exemption of Head of Sudan Borders Commission

Sudan Events – Talal Ismail

The head of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, issued a decision to relieve the head of the National Border Commission, Moaz Tango, from his position.

Moaz said in a letter he sent to the members of the Commission, which was viewed by Sudan Events: “ I bring you news that I have been relieved of the presidency of the National Border Commission, which is both painful and happy news for the departure of this crowd at this time.”

He continued: “The National Commission is one of my ideas. I have been asking governments to establish it since 1997. Due to its importance, God willed that I be assigned to draft its law with my brother and colleague Abdel Nasser Bahi in 2016. I assumed its presidency in October 2018, and the assignment was renewed in 2019. I also drafted the Marine Areas Law and the continental shelf for the year 2018”

He continued: “I assumed the presidency of this commission from the first day and I worked hard and sincerely. However, I did not receive any allocations. As for my joy, I am happy that I am leaving and I have completed the formation of the commission and built its legal jurisdiction.”

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