Harsh Tweet From Hamdok’s Advisor Against FC

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

Amjad Farid , advisor of the former Sudanese Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok harshly attacked the Freedom and Change FC coalition in Sudan.
Farid said in a new tweet on the “X” platform that it is noteworthy that the Forces of Freedom and Change coalition did not issue clear condemnations of what is happening at the hands of members of the “RSF” in Darfur, as the Forces of Freedom and Change issued their usual statements about the harassment facing their members or cases of preventing them from traveling and entering the country, while the member of the Sovereignty Council and the head of the Revolutionary Front, which it includes a significant number of Darfur movements, “Hadi Idris”, to respond and refute the decision of army commander Abdel Fattah al-Burhan to dismiss him.
Amjad had been sending hot political messages to various political entities in Sudan through his account, which is followed on the platform.

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