Head of the Borders Commission Comments on his Dismissal

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Dr. Sayed Moaz Ahmed Mohamed Tanqo, head of the National Borders Commission who was recently dismissed from his Postion said he has believes in ability of his successor, Maulana Abdul Nasser Al-Bahi, to push it forward and complete the plans and programs he started.
“I assumed the presidency of the Commission in October 2018, and the mandate was renewed in 2019. I drafted the Law on Marine Areas and the Continental Shelf for the year 2018, implemented it on the ground, and integrated it into the work and powers of the Commission.” Tanqo added in a circulated letter. He added that, after all this effort made by him is happy to step down from the presidency after completing the formation of the commission, clarifying its legal jurisdiction, and formulating solutions to all current and past border disputes.
The head of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, had issued a decision yesterday dismissing Dr. Moaz Tanqo from his position and assigning Abdel Nasser Bahi to carry out the duties of the commission.

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