Memo of Understanding Between Sea Ports and Sudanese Marine Company

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Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges, Eng. Abu Bakr Gasim, witnessed (Thursday) at the buildings of the Sea Ports Authority,  the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding between the Sea Ports Authority and the Sudanese Marine Lines Company.

The memo of understanding includes the desire of both parties to partner  to provide maritime transport services in its various forms and related logistical services on the foundations, regulations and laws related to the partnership.

It included owning and operating passenger ships, livestock ships, container ships, and general cargo, in addition to providing logistical services. The memorandum also included the two parties’ efforts to find the necessary financing.

The Minister of Transport praised the signing of the memorandum of understanding and said that it is a good model of integration and cooperation between government institutions and units and demanded that the rest of the institutions follow this example, indicating that the memorandum supports the maritime transport industry.

Captain Mohammed Hassan Mukhtar, Director General of the Sea Ports Authority, said that the memorandum comes in line with the state’s directions to stimulate the economy and provide direct support to the maritime transport industry in Sudan.

Captain Ahmed Hassan Ahmadi Girain, Director General of the Sudanese Marine Lines Company, enumerated the positive aspects of the memorandum of understanding and said that it will achieve development in the maritime transport industry.

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