South Sudan Calls on Protection of Al Geli Refinery

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The republic of South Sudan called on the conflicted parties in Sudan to preserve and protect the oil infrastructure, after a fire broke out at the Al Gaily refinery amid concerns about the possibility of stopping the flow of oil. The ……. of South Sudan said, “It is wise for the parties of the conflict to preserve and protect the oil infrastructure.”

South Sudan’s Undersecretary of the Ministry of Petroleum, Min Wol Jung, said: ” We are talking about pipelines and refineries that are necessary to store and deliver oil to the main station in Port Sudan. Moreover, these oil revenues will boost rebuilding efforts after the end of the conflict.”

The statement comes after reports that an oil refinery in Al-Gaily, north of Khartoum, was exposed to explosions.

A diplomat from South Sudan confirmed to a “news website” that they had received reports that the oil facility had been exposed to explosions, which led to it catching fire. He added, “We are still investigating the circumstances in which this happened, but we are receiving reports from various sources on the ground in Khartoum stating that the facility caught fire. We are still determining how this happened. Was it targeting a force on the ground or something else?”

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