High Productivity of Sesame and Corn Crops 

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah
Ministry of Production and Economic Resources in Gedaref State expected high productivity for various agricultural crops, as the areas producing sesame this year reached (882,487) acres, with a productivity of (4) quintals per acre, and a total production of (3,529,948) quintals. This is in addition to a total productivity of corn amounting to (10,703,435) sacks of productive areas amounting to (4,281,375) acres, with a production of (2.5) sacks of corn per acre. This is compared to the total production of sesame last year (2,284,975) quintals of sesame, in addition to the total production of corn and adult (6,452,020) sacks of corn.
Eng. Abdel Gadir Abdel Moneim, Director of the General Administration of Agricultural Planning and Statistics and Rapporteur of the Technical Committee for the Success of the Agricultural Season at the Ministry of Production in Gedaref indicated in a press statement (Sunday) the cultivation of an area of (7,723,190) acres, of which (5.7) million acres were allocated to corn.
Further allocations include (1,038) million acres of sesame, (585,300) millet, (138) thousand peanuts, and (110,470) acres of cotton, next to (56,400) acres of sunflowers, (7,300) acres of soybeans, next to (75) thousand acres of lentils, which is still being cultivated.

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