Random Shelling in Omdurman : Left 10 Deaths and Vandalism in Jabal Awlia 

Sudan Event – Talal Mudathir

“Al-Nu” government hospital in Omdurman was crowded by dozens of injuries transferred from the lanes of the city of Al Thawra Omdurman as a result of random artillery shelling of the lanes of the area of the city of Bahri carried out by the RSF militia since this morning and extended the shelling to include lane 76 adjacent to “Mount Sarkab” where the garrison of the Sudanese army and left indiscriminate shelling on the city of Al thawra consisting of a number of lanes “10” dead so far in what stray shells burned a number of houses there.

In the area of “Jabal Awlia” – the far border of the capital Khartoum from the southern side, a fierce battle continued from this morning until the evening between the Sudanese army and the militia , which attacked the area where the Sudanese army is located at Al-Nujumi Air Base, which confronted the first wave of attack and defeated the militia before returning with a second wave of attack this afternoon from all directions.

The RSF evacuated the “Kambo Sami” area west of the Jabal Awlia reservoir and in the east, attacked with 7 combat support vehicles that came from the “Salha” neighborhood, south of Omdurman, and bombed by an army fighter in multiple attempts by the attacking forces to enter and control the area.

Militia forces were stationed in a complex for memorizing the Holy Quran “Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Complex” in Dar es Salaam, block 4, and continued their usual approach of sabotage, burning the Dar es Salaam police station and causing many losses to public facilities and civilian objects.

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