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Why RSF Targeting El- Geneina?

Sudan Events – Report Talal Mudathir

Since the twenty-fourth of April up to now, the RSF and its supporting militias have continued their crimes of genocide and forced displacement of innocent civilians in the city of El Geneina West Darfur State – the far west of Sudan, in a horrific manner, specifically in the “Ardamta” area unit, where videos and pictures appear. Broadcast by militia members they themselves witnessed mass killings and kidnapping of a large number of citizens, the majority of whom were children, attacks on hospitals in clear violation of international norms and laws. So what is happening there?

Geneina privacy

The city, which is located 1,200 km from the capital, Khartoum, has a special situation .It is the capital of West Darfur state – one of the five states that make up the Darfur region and is inhabited by about two million people – and an important commercial center and land border crossing towards Chad, which is about 27 kilometers away from it, where the Chadian city of “Adre” is located, where thousands of people fleeing the war have taken refuge.

Multiple ethnicities

Perhaps, according to recent extensive media reports about the region, it appears that the “Masalit” tribe alone resides in the state of West Darfur. However, the matter is different, as the region is made up of “40” tribes that speak different dialects and are united in their communication in the Arabic language according to its colloquial Sudanese language, as it includes, alongside the “Masalit” ethnicity. “The Ernqa tribes, the Moon MountainThe Tama, Bargu, Bornu, Hausa, Fallata, Zaghawa, Mima, Sinjar, and Runga, in addition to some groups from the tribes of central and northern Sudan that have migrated there since ancient times.

Masalit…those who were angry

Well, if all these tribes inhabit the region, why does the RSF targeting the “Masalit” tribe alone with killing, displacement, rape, looting and destruction? Why Masalit specifically? Last May, Human Rights Watch announced that the RSF and the Arab militias allied with them were unlawfully executed on May 28 , 2023 .In West Darfur in Sudan, approximately 28 members of the Masalit ethnicity were killed and dozens of civilians were killed and wounded.

The militia’s anger towards the “Masalit” stems from several reasons, the first of which is the refusal of the people of the Masalit tribe to invite the RSF Militia to join them in their war against Sudan.
Sultan Saad Abd al-Rahman Bahr, Sultan of the Masalit tribe, a position that represents the highest and highest civil authority in the tribe, explains that his tribe is a national tribe that unites all the people of Sudan and has even continued to represent a safe haven to which other tribes resort as the severity of the wars intensifies. However, the militia would never believe in this idea and carry it within itself. Another cost towards”Masalit” to inform Khartoum before the war erupts that rapid support is mobilizing mercenary fighters and that Khartoum must be cautious.
This is a position that the militia continued to harbor within itself towards the Masalit, and as soon as the opportunity came, it began to settle scores.

Thousands killed

The Sultan of the Masalit, Saad Abdel Rahman Bahr al-Din, says that the numbers of those killed in the massacres that were committed in the city of El Geneina, the capital of Western Darfur, during that period only, that is, about five months ago in the first wave of the attack, ranged between 3 and 5 thousand dead and 3 thousand wounded. Some of them were killed in the city and in The road to the Chadian city of Adre.
In an interview with Al-Hadath Channel, Bahr El-Din stated that what is happening in El Geneina is a premeditated, systematic and planned crime, given the method of killing, liquidating opponents, destroying infrastructure, and looting citizens’ property.
He noted that 80% of El Geneina’s population, which now numbers about one million, have left their homes and sought refuge in neighboring Chad.

A new attack from merciless men

After the RSF took control of the army’s military garrison in El Geneina last week, the RSF practiced its favorite hobby wildly in the region after naming a new governor on its own initiative, as it assassinated two of the region’s most senior officials – that is, the men of the Native Administration, which is a historical administration in the Darfur region that has a structure. It consists ofFour levels as follows:
First level: Sultans:
It includes Sultan Dar Masalit and Sultan
Gamar house.
The second level is princes and brushes
It includes brushes and princes.
The third level: The pillars, which include the fourth level or level
Al-Qaedi: It consists of sheikhs.
Al-Farsha Muhammad Arbab Farsha Farousheya Mistri – 85 years old, was assassinated along with eight of his children and grandchildren. Then she returned and assassinated Al-Farsha Abdel Baset Suleiman Dinah – Farsha Farousheya Azerni and two of his wives and six children. Then she went to the rest of the Masalit public and used the killing machine on them to the point where the number of victims reached 800 dead. According to the United Nations CommissionThe United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said that reports indicate that more than 800 people were killed by armed groups in Ardamta, West Darfur state.

In addition to the fact that more than 8,000 people were forced to flee to Chad last week alone, what remains then in “Al-Geneina” and “Ardamta”?

Will the RSF will achieve its dream of sending those Chadians to their country, Chad, to seize El Geneina? No.. Sudan has a say, and the coming days will have many surprises.

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