“Jabal Awlia” area is under the Sudanese army’s control

Sudan Events – Talal Mudathir

The Sudanese army tightened its grip and extended its control over the entire Jabal Awlia area, with its entrances and exits, after a fierce battle that began yesterday morning and continued until Monday.
The Sudanese army seized 8 Armed 4X4 combat vehicles and heavy weapons, in addition to a huge quantities of military equipment from the militia, which withdrew towards “Saliha” neighborhood, south of Omdurman, loaded with spoils that it had looted ofrom citizens’ homes, while the army chased a group of them that fled towards the city of Al-Rashid and the Dar Al-Salam areas, and received a number of Of vehicles and weapons, in addition to prisoners.
Since yesterday morning, Sunday, the Rapid Support militia had been attacking Jabal Awlioa area, south of Khartoum, and claimed control of an army air base called Al-Nugoumi Air Base. It continued targeting the area on Monday, killing a number of civilians, looting homes and shops, as well as forcibly displacing a number of villagers in the area before the army was able to repelled them expelled them from the area.

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