UNICEF commends reopening of first school in the Nahr Nil state, after months of closure

Khartoum – Talal Mudathir

Sudan Events – the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF)has commended the re-opening of schools in the Nahr Nil state, Sudan, following months of closure due to the war situation in the country

In a statement, the UN agency on Monday said it appealed along with its partners for the reopening of the schools in a safe manner and for providing alternative educational solutions for children who could not have access to schools because of the war situation.

UNICEF along with Save the Children pointed out in a joint communique last month that Sudan was on the brink of the worse education crisis worldwide with 19 million children out of school.

They pointed out that 6.5 children have lost possibility of an access to school due to increase in violence and the lack of security in their areas where some 10400 schools are closed in the conflict affected regions.

They pointed out that at the same time 5.5 million children who live in areas less impacted by the war are waiting for a decision by the local authorities on possibility of reopening schools

They warned that children might not be able to return to schools in the coming few months if the war continues, a matter that exposes them to immediate and long term risks, including displacement, recruitment by armed groups and being exposed to sexual violence.

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