Eritrean President: The African role in Sudan shameful

Sudan Events- Summary by Talal Mudathir

President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea claims Sudanese lack genuine political forces in the true sense of the word , indicating that he does not recognize them, describing the political Forces as “mere distractions” and one must be careful of them because they divert attention from the real issues and create an opportunity for opportunism and outbidding, complicating the political process and postponing solutions and interventions Foreign Affairs in Sudan

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper on Tuesday, Isaias described the African role in the Sudan issue as “shameful” and that all African organizations, in addition to the United Nations, failed to achieve the lowest level of tackling of the Sudanese crisis, which was a real test of the existence of these entities that tend to postpone solutions.

Afwerki considered the multiplicity of platforms to be a pretext for external intervention, in addition to the fact that the political forces that he described as “failed” complicated the process of possible solutions to the crisis, calling for the unification of the platforms and considering that the Jeddah platform is sufficient to lead the Sudanese negotiations without even American assistance, by virtue of the geographic and historical connection and can be achieved with complete stability. During which a solution to the Sudanese crisis will be found, within a year or two at most, through a clear road map according to sound realistic steps, stressing that his certainty is that the solution is in the hands of the Sudanese themselves.

In his vision of the Sudanese problem, Afwerki added that he has been trying since 2020, 2021 and 2022 to understand what is happening in Sudan, and he found that the complexities in the Sudanese scene are the result of external interference and agendas. “Without controversy, I can say that the previous regime taught the Sudanese how to improve their choices, and that is why I set out that the uprising occurred spontaneously, as the people led themselves, and no political force or party has the right to claim that it adopted the December 2019 revolution.” “The claim is a shameful thing, because the process of building the state in Sudan has been an ongoing process since its independence.” He added.

The Eritrean President announced that he has a “draft initiative,” but it is not for media or publication, however, it can be presented to neighboring countries, because Sudan is important to all, and not just neighboring countries. “Without any complacency, I believe that the Sudanese people have a culture and awareness that is not available to many other peoples,” “Because of the rich experiences they have contributed to since Sudan’s independence in 1956, they are qualified to solve their problems, and they have options that they can share with neighboring countries if they want, with the need to properly diagnose the crisis without any bias or connection to any external agenda.” He added.

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