Sudanese annoyed over involvement of south Sudanese in the fighting alongside the militia rapid support forces ranks

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Sudanese activists have expressed rage and anger when reviewing pictures disseminated from Jabal Awlia area showing persons from South Sudan, dressed in the militia rapid support forces in one of the houses in the national capital Khartoum.

Wael Zainone, living in Jabal Awalia who preferred that the name of his quarter not to be named for security reasons, has pointed out that they witnessed persons affiliated to South Sudan fighting on Monday alongside the ranks of the militia forces that attacked the area.
Warning messages have been extensively circulated of recently from the White Nile state which is neighbouring Khartoum state warning that the militias have recruited persons from the south in its war and that the militias lured them with money, like it did with many mercenaries recruited with the view to provide assistance and help fill the gap left by their fleeing troops and human losses they incurred during the most recent fighting

Zain was sorry that those persons he described as mercenaries have been brought to implicate the southern Sudanese people in this war, lamenting that that until only recently those persons were part of one single homeland and today they are brought to fight against us. He said the Sudanese people would not discard any body coming to fighting against them but would never expect south Sudanese to be involved as traitors against us to stab us from behind.

People have also demanded that security apparatus should work to prevent southern Sudanese coming from the White Nile state to Khartoum, via Kostas and Jabalain crossing points and that if and when allowed they should be subjected to rigorous check and verifications.

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