Turkish support to Sudan with “365” tons of relief materials

Sudan Events – Talal Muddassir

The Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (İHH) said that it will begin distributing approximately 365 tons of relief materials in 28 containers to 8 Sudanese states, starting today.

The authority added in statements on Tuesday that the aid includes food products, blankets, detergents, sanitary napkins, diapers, clothes, shoes, mats, sleeping bags, and wheelchairs.

The authority began its program, which was included under the slogan “Sudan Is Our Destination – Bearing Goodness,” since last June, and 200,000 people benefited from it in the first phase of the work, distributed among 9 Sudanese cities.

Since mid-April 2023, Sudan has been witnessing a vicious conflict between the Sudanese army and the rebel Rapid Support militia. More than 9,000 people were killed and millions of people were displaced, according to United Nations statistics.

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