Arrangements for mining companies to resume work

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The acting Governor of Red Sea State, Fathallah Al-Haj Ahmed, confirmed the readiness of the state government to implement a strategic partnership with the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Limited to resolve mining issues in the state.
He made the remarks in statements following the joint meeting (Thursday), which included a delegation from the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company headed by its director.
The General, Muhammad Taher Omar, pointed out the importance of coordination between the government and the communities hosting the mining sector in order to maintain the stability of companies’ activity and preserve the rights of the local community. He directed the governor to address the activity of mixers and random mining basins in order to preserve the environment and the safety of citizens.
For his part, the Director General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Limited, Mohamed Taher Omar, confirmed making more efforts and doubling the work, and pledged to solve all the problems facing investors in coordination with the state governments and the relevant authorities. Taher reassured the communities hosting the mining activity and the state governments of preserving their rights to the social responsibility money.

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