Ministry of Industry issues New Decisions

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The Federal Minister of Industry, Eng. Batoul Abbas Abass, has issued a decision delegating states’ departments of industry to implement the general policies his ministry has set.

The delegation said the states should obtain the approval of the Federal Ministry of Industry prior to moving any industrial facility from the affected an affected area to another in another state.

She further specified that the tasks and powers of delegation include issuing technical approvals for new industrial facilities, approving statements of requirements and production supplies, adding new lines, changing the activity of the industrial facility, approving work on a leased site, and inspecting and monitoring industrial facilities.
In this context, the Ministry of Industry informed all factory owners who wish to transfer their investment, or part of it to safer states or outside Sudan, in accordance with an announcement issued in particular, of the requirement, should at first obtain an approval from the Ministry of Industry and the Customs Authority.
She pinpointed in the announcement signed by the Minister of Industry that she had taken this step in order to be able to implement the emergency plan that cover the war period.

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