Osman Jalal writes: The Strategic Dimensions behind the Withdrawal of the Sudanese Army from Darfur


The organized withdrawal of division leaders and garrisons of the armed forces from Darfur states continued after seven months of steadfastness, courage and perseverance in a geographical area whose societal fabric constitutes either incubators for mercenaries, or in a state of passive neutrality, in light of a supply artery extended from Libya, Chad, Central Africa and South Sudan feeding the militia, the Chadian family of Daglo, with weapons, mercenaries, and logistics coming from the evil state of UAE , with a state of exhaustion, attrition, siege, and depletion of ammunition and logistics, placed our courageous forces stationed there in before two options: either fighting to death, or preserving individuals and simple equipment, and tactical withdrawal in the short term to achieve goals that lead to strategic victory over the militia of the terrorist Dagalo, which is the best option.

Therefore, I see that the Sudanese army will continue to withdraw from all divisions and garrisons in the states of Darfur to achieve a set of goals, including employing these forces to protect some major cities and strategic sites in the states of North Darfur, West and South Kordofan, such as the city of El Fasher, and the oil and energy regions, and strengthening the Haggana forces to protect the city of El Obeid, secure the western road linking El Obeid, Bara and Omdurman, and block the outlets of the militia’s supply routes from Darfur.

Also, liquidating militia pockets between the states of White Nile and North Kordofan and opening the road linking the cities of Kosti and El-Obeid.

With the need to intensify air sorties to disperse the terrorist militia and neutralize airports in the states of Darfur.


The withdrawal of the Sudanese army from Darfur will constitute a tactical loss, but it will put the Nazi militia before the challenges of managing the political, economic, service, and ethnic situations in these areas. Will it continue its operations of robbery, looting, rape, murder, and identity based genocide? Or it presents its political approach to governance and management of state institutions?

In the event that the militia tends towards a political approach, then conflicts of interests and a struggle for power and influence between the ethnic, racial and tribal formations of the militia will emerge, and the conflict will inevitably turn into internal fighting between these tribes, which will be forced to withdraw their members from Khartoum State, which will facilitate the process of its comprehensive liberation.

However, if the Nazi militia tends toward chaotic behavior and ethnic cleansing against the indigenous people of Darfur in the same way it practices against the Massalit people, then the Justice and Equality Movement and the Sudan Liberation Movement will be liberated from the state of passive neutrality and mobilize the Darfur communities to line up and fight alongside the Sudanese army. However, in the event of the failure of these leaders, then New Darfuri leaders will emerge heading the battle of dignity with the Sudanese army


The situation in Darfur may descend into a scenario of creative chaos and a war of all against all, the effects of which will extend to neighboring countries and the West African region, fueling illegal immigration to Europe, intensifying the trade in arms, people and drugs, and creating an attractive environment for the activities of terrorism organizations, which poses a threat to European and North African security.

The Chadian Daglo family will also seek to separate Darfur from Sudan and establish the feudal kingdom of Al-Junaid with UAE support after its dreams of ruling Sudan evaporated, in order to ensure control of gold mines and other minerals.

The establishment of an Arab kingdom in Darfur will tempt the Arabs of the diaspora in Chad, Central Africa and all the countries of West Africa to armed revolt against the ruling regimes with the support of the UAE state and the Dagalo family to establish a similar model allied with the new kingdom of Al-Junaid in Darfur. Are the countries of the European Union, especially France, ready to meet this nomadic and barbaric flood, which will change the cultural, identity, political, economic and social equation in this region with a geo-strategic dimension for the West and France in particular??


From the perspective of the common interests that govern the course of international relations, the dismantling and liquidation of the Chadian Daglo family militia contributes to achieving the unity of the Sudanese state, preserving the regional security of Sudan’s neighboring countries and the North and West African region, and also preserving the geostrategic interests of the European Union system of countries, particularly France. Therefore, based on moral duty and a jurisprudence of interests, it is imperative for the international community to classify the Dagalo militia as a terrorist organization, and it is necessary for it to intensify pressure on the UAE state to deter it so that it refrains from supplying the militia with weapons, money, and logistics. Also, based the moral duty and jurisprudence of common interests oblige the countries of West Africa, particularly those bordering Sudan, Chad, and Central Africa to cooperate with Sudan in order to dismantle and liquidate the terrorist militia from its roots.

Whether the regional and international community realizes these common interests or not, the will of the Sudanese people and the Sudanese army will achieve victory in the epic of national dignity and will pursue the remnants of the Chadian Daglo family from state to state, from city to city, from village to village, from neighborhood to neighborhood, and from house to house, until dismantling. Comprehensive dismantling .


Friday, November 17, 2023

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