Sudan Government Terminated UNITAMS Mandate

Sudan Events – Sumaya Sayed

SUDAN government decided today to terminate the mandate of the UNITAMS and to halt the implementation of the mission’s agreement concluded with the Government of Sudan in June 2021, as well as to terminate SOMA Agreement concluded on 4 July 2021 in Khartoum. The decision conveyed by the Sudanese representative to the UN to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, who informed the UN Security Council.
Senior diplomate told Sudan Events that ”The Mission’s specific strategic objectives, underpinned by the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs to support Sudan Government in settling stabilization after December 2018 Revolution, however, its performance was disappointing .In addition “The recent situation in Sudan created fundamental change on the previous objectives of the Mission. He adds” we completed the end of a certain term and decided to create a system motivated by plans and money as an example, similar to the UN missions in all countries.

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