Norwegian Council: Stop Violence against Sudan Civilians

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Jan Egeland, Secretary-General of the Norwegian Refugee Council, said that after 200 days of violence and injustice in Sudan, the extent of the damage to civilians due to the fighting between the Sudanese army SAF and the Rapid Support Forces RSF has shown up.
He added while addressing the conference on humanitarian issues in Sudan held in Cairo today, Saturday, that violence was used against civilians, which led to the displacement of nearly 6 million Sudanese citizens as a result of the destruction of their homes and lands.
Pointing out that he hopes to protect the civilian population, hospitals, schools and all areas for which there is no protection, affirming that there is an important and urgent need to help and support millions throughout Sudan.
Egeland explained that they need to work on the humanitarian conditions and assistance to civilians in Sudan, in addition to political and military work to stop hostility, bring peace to Sudanese communities, and resolve humanitarian issues.
Egeland expressed hope that this conference would reach concrete results in resolving the Sudanese conflict, adding: We must believe in securing the lives of civilians in Sudan and building society again.
The 2023 Conference on Humanitarian Issues in Sudan was launched today, Saturday, in Cairo, and is organized by many Sudanese civil society organizations, in the presence of a number of Arab and non-Arab delegations.
Under the title “Activating the humanitarian response to the disaster in Sudan,” it will continue in session in Cairo, November 18 to 20, 2023.

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