Army: The Rapid Support rebellion in its final days

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The Commander of the Armored Corps of the Sudanese Army, Major General Nasr Al-Din Abdel Fattah, heralded the approaching end of the Rapid Support Militia and the suppression of the rebellion, noting that signs of victory have appeared.
The Commander of the Armored Corps, who spoke in a video clip today, Sunday, wearing battle suit and surrounded by a number of armed soldiers, “We are at the end of the Battle of Dignity and we are moving from victory to victory.” He added.
Nasr al-Din praised the work of the army units and the progress they are making in Omdurman, Jabal Awlia, and Al-Ailfoun. He described them as “pleasant victories” and that the end of the rebellion is near, and in its final days. “We will all celebrate under the banner of victory soon, God willing.” He promised.
Major General Nasr al-Din Abdel Fattah had commanded the Armored Corps and fought fierce battles, meanwhile, reports from last August talked about his removal from command of the Armored Corps, replaced by the appointment of Major General Ayoub Abdel Qadir, who later martyred. However, the Sudanese army officially denied those reports through its official spokesperson, stressing that the commander of the Armored Corps, Nasr al-Din Corner carries out his leadership duties with high efficiency and perfect coordination with the Military HQ and the military body

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