Gum Arabic Prices Decrease by 100%

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The head of the Gum Arabic Exporters Division at the Sudanese Chamber of Commerce and the owner of Al-Anan Gum Arabic Export Company, Ahmed Al-Tayeb Al-Anan, announced a significant drop in the prices of gum Arabic exports, as the purchase prices of gum Arabic decreased by 100%.
He said the price of a quintal (41.6 kilograms) before the outbreak of the conflict was 30 thousand pounds, equivalent to 50 US dollars, while it is currently offered for 15 thousand pounds. He stressed that the prices are still falling.
Al-Anan attributed the reasons for the decline to the reduction in export prices by exporters due to the lack of coordination between them, in addition to compensation for the loss of the private return resulting from the reduction in the export price, due to the cost of storage, shipping, handling. He added that in addition to these reasons the fees collected on gum exports continue to double.

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