The North African Union is considering bringing back the champion clubs with super temptations

Agencies – Sudan Events

The North African Federation began discussing the establishment of a new league championship at the club level in a new guise, similar to the African Super League, after the success of the first edition of the continental competition, which Sun Downs won and witnessed strong competition between the participating teams.

According to the Moroccan “le360” website, North African Federation officials held a meeting on the sidelines of the North African tournament for national teams, and the aforementioned league was discussed again, this time at the club level, but with new financial privileges.

The report explained that the North African Federation currently wants to find suitable dates for holding the new competition, with the general league champion in all North African federations being the representative of his country in the tournament.

The North African League championship was previously held in three previous editions: 2008, won by Tunisia’s African Club, and 2009, when ES Setif won the title. In the last edition, Club Africain won the second title.

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