Expert war frustrate creation of Gum Arabic body

Sudan Events- Nahed Oshi

Gum Arabic Expert Dr. Issam Siddiq reassured

The gum Arabic market will not be affected by the repercussions of the ongoing war. He said in a statement to (Sudan Events) that this war will not affect the market for intermediate gum as an additive and fiber, as no more than 2% of the forest reserve is exploited. He said that these quantities, which do not exceed 50 thousand tons, can be provided from Stock and safe areas, but they are affected by a slight increase in prices due to the terrible deterioration in the exchange rate of the Sudanese pound.

However, he pointed out that the campaign to establish the major public super company led by producers, gum experts, professions, and businessmen to exploit (98%) of the gum forests has been disrupted due to the war and the disruption of the classification project. Gum is a natural sulfuric gum, which the mafia resisted in this war. It will, of course, be delayed for a year or two, and gum will return as a superfood for immunity, digestion, and natural excretion.

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