Stopping Travel to Ethiopia via Qalabat


Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Sudanese Authorities in Gadarif State, eastern Sudan, have decided to halt travel to Ethiopia via Al-Qalabat border crossing point, adjacent to the Amhara region, following security developments and the insecurities prevailing in Ethiopian territories besides the assault and looting incidents against travelers leaving from Gadarif State.
Informed disclosed that attacks were carried out by unruly groups that Ethiopian authorities work to pursue and arrest and that the Ethiopians have deployed military reinforcements and convoys in the Gondor province in the Ethiopian Bahr Dar region.
The Sudanese authorities in Gadarif State decided to ban travel by land to Ethiopia until agreements are reached with the Ethiopian embassy to secure travelers.
The source in Gadarif State said trade exchange and the transfer of strategic and basic goods and commodities between the two countries would continue without any restrictions. The passport authorities in Gadarif have finalized travel procedures of over 24,000 Sudanese, along with 11,969 foreigners, travelling African, Arab and other countries of the world.
Some 20,492 people crossed via Galabat as part of the voluntary return programs to Ethiopia.

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