Bank of Khartoum introduces WhatsApp to its customers

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

The WhatsApp service provided by the Bank of Khartoum has witnessed great interaction from customers to address the problems that arise in the bank’s application. The service is provided to customers who are unable directly contact subscriber service numbers.

The WhatsApp service includes options for speaking with a bank employee.

The Bank of Khartoum decided to address the problems of the Bankak application for customers outside Sudan through agencies, and the bank sent a message to the users of the Bankak application abroad, saying that if the application is closed due to changing the device or incorrect data entry and it is not possible to reactivate it by the usual means, an official power of attorney can be made from the embassy in the country ,where you reside, then document it with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and send it to the branch to complete the procedure request through the person entrusted with the procedures .

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