Expansion of Port Sudan International Airport

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Sudan Airports Company Limited has announced the launch of rehabilitation and expansion of Port Sudan International Airport in order to fully restore air navigation operations following the closure of Khartoum Airport due to the war.
Director of the General Administration of Airports and Helipads, Othman Al-Awad Al-Siddiq, said (Tuesday) that the Supreme Committee for the Rehabilitation of Port Sudan Airport, which was formed under the guidance of a member of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jaber, and which is headed by Lieutenant General Sir Al-Khattab Babiker Al-Tayeb, Director General of Sudan Airports Limited, ordered the rehabilitation of air traffic areas by designing a map directed to the airport according to current and future needs, stressing that huge work was carried out inside Port Sudan Airport in a short time, starting last July, in accordance with the specifications of the International Aviation Organization for a number of projects.

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