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Sudanese Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim Ali, has appreciated the positive role played by expatriates during the war and the support they extend to the country and their extended families.
The Minister pointed out in while addressing a meeting today, Tuesday, with the Acting Secretary General of the Expatriates Authority, to government efforts and the ministry in coordination with the relevant bodies to address all the obstacles facing Sudanese abroad .
Regarding those resident in the Arab Republic of Egypt Jibril said procedures are made concerning fees for issuing electronic passport, as it was cut down to (8,000 Egyptian pounds) taking in consideration the citizens current situations.
The meeting tackled education issues of the children of Sudanese abroad , solutions and required proposals to address the issue.
For his part, the Acting Secretary-General of the Expatriates Service, Dr. Abdul -Rahman Sayed Ahmed Ali, affirmed the active role played by the Sudanese communities in different countries in support of the armed forces SAF that fighting the battle of Dignity, emphasizing the attention and desire of expatriates to participate in the reconstruction process and to support the effort of the armed forces SAF.
He pointed out to the importance of the role played by Sudanese expertise and skills abroad in contributing to supporting the country’s efforts in rebuilding what was destroyed by the war, especially in the health and education sectors.

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