Formation of Economic Emergency Committee

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The Sudanese Businessmen and Businesswomen’s Club (SBBC) has called for formation of an emergency government and working on to stop the war immediately.
The Head of the SBBC Club, Zahir Siddig, said that if the war does not stop, there will be no institutional work, noting the need of forming an economic emergency committee from the SBBC that is truly national and not based on personal interest, provided that this committee is approved by the current government to carry out the tasks in addition to the need of state to abstain from the economic activities, and said that a correct road map must be drawn up to restore what was destroyed by the war in all vital sectors. He revealed the club’s making a group that includes all sectors (industrial, agricultural, transport, exports, imports, aviation, banks, youths and parties) where the group aims to mobilize members to lead voluntary and humanitarian work initiatives in support of the state’s overall goal of providing a decent life for citizens, in addition to working to launch economic initiatives aimed at providing job opportunities for youths, increasing production, and creating added value for agricultural and animal products.

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