Games transferred to Um-Baruna Forest

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Governor of Gezira State, Ismail Awadallah Al-Aqib, pledged to turn the um Baruna forest in Medani into a tourist resort.The Governor pointed out in the celebration marking the arrival of 46 wild animals ranging from eagles, deer and hyenas to Um Baruna forest by the organization (FOUR RAWS) from Sudan a Park in the area of Al-Baqir within the government endeavors to develop the forest and help with investment to erect hotels and improve services provided in cafeterias. These activities he argued would help transfer the park into a better status and attract tourists and local citizens.
The Director of the Organization, Dr. Amir Khalil revealed that transporting these animals to this park required highly coordinated days including two days of travel from the local areas where they were first position, to their current positions. He urged citizens to pay more attention to wild life and preservation of games, which are future generations wealth.
Director of wildlife, Colonel Dr. Al-Numan Abdul Karim, confirmed that transferring these animals to the current location would help in the process of their conservation.

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