DVS-NGO upload Video from “El Geneina”


Sudan Events/Talal Muddathir

Darfur Victims Support “DVS” is a civil society organization with a vision to enhance solidarity with victims – the Darfur Victim Support Authority – uploaded a new video clip that documents the case of the RSF arresting dozens of civilians in the “Amdwin neighborhood forest” area in El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur state in western Sudan, which the militia recently invaded.
The DVS organization Thursday called on the RSF to reveal the whereabouts of these civilians and release them immediately, holding the militias responsible for their safety.
The Darfur Bar Association
On Wednesday, it said that it had counted more than two thousand dead and prisoners in the town of “Armata” after the RSF took control of the command of the 15th Infantry Division on the fourth of this November.
Member of the Commission, Mohammad Abdullah Al-Douma, said in press statements that according to the Commission’s initial inventory of the recent events in Ardamta, the death toll has reached 1,500 and about 750 detainees, including army prisoners, stressing that members of the RSF began demanding financial ransom that could reach about one million Sudanese pounds in exchange for the release of the prisoners, which was rejected by most of the detainees’ families.

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