Expert: Changing National Currency Harmful  

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The former Secretary General of the Tax Office, economic expert, Dr. Abdel Qader Mohamed Ahmed, stated that Sudanese economic situation following the end of the current war requires a comprehensive reform plan, both financial and monetary, so as to address its structural imbalances, including restructuring state institutions so that they are more efficient and more productive.

While many people call for changing the currency under the pretext that a large amount of it circulates outside the banking system sector, Dr. Abdel Qader has argued in an article that changing the national currency is one of the one of the tools of economic reforms that must be examined when the war is over to be able to weigh the benefits, harms, and costs.

However, he stressed that the conditions are not currently conducive for such a measure, pointing out that ” This requires comprehensive reform and changing the currency alone causes more harm than good”.

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