Europe Wakes Up at Genocide Knocks!!(2-1)

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By: Adel El-Baz

It is not the first time that Europe has watched genocide in Africa and closed its eyes. Such an attitude happened in Rwanda in 1994.

And now, it turned its eyes far to see the Janjaweed carrying their weapons and practicing their hobbies of extermination, as Israel does. However, this time, it seems that the matter is not the same. Europe, despite its agenda, will be forced to change its position and to condemn the atrocities committed by the Janjaweed, about whom the novelist Baraka Sakin said, “Evil did not appear in its totality in the universe except in the Janjaweed, for they are pure evil”. And here is the story.

The European Foreign Affairs Council will meet on December 11 to assess the situation in Sudan and to unify Europe’s divided position on the situation and appropriate means for dealing with the parties to the war. This crucial meeting to determine the European position was announced about a month ago, and throughout reluctance of those supporting the rebellion, serious events occurred in Darfur during the period and more objective and rational positions were imposed.

The gradual shift in the European position has actually begun after the Troika countries saw what the Janjaweed militias were doing in the towns they occupied in Darfur, so they decided to break their long and suspicious silence. The United States, Norway, and Britain, known as the Troika, issued a joint statement on November 17 in which they condemned the escalation of violence and human rights violations in Sudan, the Troika said.  “These violations included, according to credible reports, mass killings, including ethnically targeting non-Arab and other communities, killing of traditional leaders, unfair arrests, and obstruction of humanitarian aid.”

On the other hand, Annette Weber, the European Union Envoy to the Horn of Africa, confirmed in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper on November 24 that “Atrocities and human rights violations cannot pass without consequences,” revealing that the European Union is considering imposition gradually of sanctions and halting financial assistance to entities, organizations and countries that support and finance the war.

Why this late awakening by the European Union countries and this rush to take position on the war in Sudan?

The truth is that this rush is to change the position that these countries have taken since the war began and even before it.!!


All European Union countries supported the Political Framework Agreement, which was extremely exclusionary because the secular forces allied with them saw that the only way to reach power was to remove the Islamist threat, ebb the army status and remove it from power, and strip it of its sources of power. This could only be done with the help of the Janjaweed (the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) at that time).  Failure to sign the framework agreement means “war,” and this is what their allies said, and this is what actually happened.

To accomplish this program, Europe decided to purchase these lies from its allies in the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC)- Central Council, while it was not unaware of the facts. Despite this, the group of European ambassadors resident in Khartoum at that time agreed that the Janjaweed militias, according to the framework, would remain present at the forefront of the scene, shoulder to shoulder with the army, for the next ten years.!  Not only did Europe do that, but it agreed to elbow all the forces that participated in the revolution from the agreement and did not care about them, let alone the other forces that were labeled as remnants. These western ambassadors did not care except for a small fragment of their allies and made them the only ones available to assume power based on their announced programs that America and the Troika are satisfied with.

Forty-eight hours before the war, the European Union Ambassador met with Hemedti (at the time the Vice President of the Sovereign Council,), who told her publicly, “If Al-Burhan does not sign the framework, we will arrest him and send him behind the bars.” This statement was recorded in the documents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But when this ambassador came out of the meeting, she announced that everything was fine, and that she was reassured about the situation.!! She knew what was being planned, but she remained silent to let the conspiracy develop.

Then, after the war broke out, Britain refused to condemn the Janjaweed, and worked hard to mobilize the international position in the Security Council to condemn Sudan, less than ten days after the start of the war. It equated the rebels with the Sudanese army, then it worked hard to support the biases of the African leaders towards the rebellion, and it developed with the Americans the “de-escalation” plan that was been set it set by Molly Phee the US Assistant Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (the Janjaweed of the Empire), and it was adopted by the African Union but equally failed.

After all these efforts and positions supporting the rebellion, why is Europe now rushing to issue condemnations of the Janjaweed… and why is it seeking to modify its position?


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