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France : Arabic Dialect the Most Widespread


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According to a classification by the National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED), Arabic language ranks directly after French and before regional and non-regional languages, known as “the languages of France.”
Although the country’s official language is French, as stated in the constitution since 1992, it nonetheless coexists with 72 regional languages and seven non-regional languages, represented in the Arabic dialect, Amazigh, Yiddish, Romanian, Western Armenian, Jewish-Spanish, and sign language.
As the website of the French Ministry of Culture indicates, they are “minority languages spoken by French citizens on the territory of the Republic, long enough to be part of the national cultural heritage.”
In his statement the education coordinator at the Arab World Institute in Paris, Taref Abu Al-Jamal, explained that “the Arabic dialect or the ‘spoken language’ has become a cultural heritage because it is linked to the history of France with the countries of North Africa and the Maghreb. Therefore, it is a reflection of the history of relations” Political, cultural and emotional relations between Arabs and France for centuries

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