Minawi critical of workshop on Darfur

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At an invitation from French organization (Promefiation) which operates in the domain of conflicts resolution and peace building in the Sahel and Sub-Saharan region and East Africa, several armed movements in Darfur organized a workshop that discussed challenges facing the region, topped by the Rapid Support violations in Darfur region and Sudan in general.
The workshop also addressed questions related to humanitarian situations in Darfur, the survivors and victims of war needs for urgent relief, particularly in Darfur, the situation of Darfur in light of the proposed initiatives including Jeddah forum and the severe violations committed against civilians in all parts of Sudan, particularly the campaigns of ethnic cleansing and genocide that took place as well as war crimes committed by the Rapid Support Forces RSF in West Darfur state, besides the role of civil society in laying the foundations for societal peace.
Leaders of armed movements that signed and unsigned peace agreements,” and those who stayed away from siging peace deal, former federal ministers, ministers at Darfur region government, active governors, former governors, and some of top leaders of the armed movements participated in the workshop, 21 to 23 November 2023.
Some of the workshop’s outcomes aroused the wrath of the Minni Arko Minawi, Governor of the Darfur, western Sudan, because of demands adopted by some parties in the workshop calling for gaining power and forming a government, even if via violent means.
Minawi published a reaction in his account at X platform, Saturday, criticizing these demands and describing this behavior as shameful.
Minawi said: What happened to some of the people of Darfur in the Addis Ababa workshop run by the Pro-mediation organization. Demanding the formation of a civilian government under the pressure of arms is a shameful position behind that parties stand, and we have been monitoring this for a long time.
Arko warned that if this step was taken, it would be a prelude to civil war, calling on those who adopt that position to immediately abandon it.

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