National Forces issue Port Sudan Declaration

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

Today, Saturday, in Port Sudan, eastern Sudan, political and societal forces concluded a consultative meeting held from November 21 to 25, 2023, to reflect on the assessment of reality and current political developments in Sudan.
The attendees stressed that the Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue, in which all Sudanese parties participate without exclusion, is the only way to resolve the Sudanese crisis.
The participants welcomed during the meeting the regional and international initiatives aimed at resolving the Sudanese crisis, while completely rejecting foreign interventions that violate the country’s sovereignty and national decision-making.
The participants condemned the grave violations and crimes against humanity committed by the RSF.

In conclusion, the attendees issued the Port Sudan Declaration, which addressed several fundamental issues, including the war and peace as a pillar for establishing the state in the post-war period, managing the transitional founding period, the Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue, transitional justice, and the social contract, in addition to the constitutional congress.

The national forces agreed on the necessity of communicating with other national political forces to reach common ground to unify their visions and agree on a national program to get Sudan out of the current crisis.

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