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New reports about the Ardamata massacre

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Several news organizations and human rights groups have covered the recent massacre in Ardamata, a suburb of the West Darfur capital El Geneina, including the video report above by the British public broadcaster Channel 4.

Amnesty and Reuters published written reports about it. A doctor quoted in the Amnesty report said,

“On 6 November, my colleagues and I counted a total of 95 bodies in Ardamata [the total toll is reported in the hundreds]. They included men, women, and children. Among them was an 18-day-old infant whose lifeless body we found alongside his mother and four other women inside a residential house. The distressing scenes of RSF soldiers executing young men that I witnessed in Ardamata continue to haunt my thoughts every day. The worst chilling sight I remember is RSF soldiers executing four men in front of me and seeing their dead bodies seconds later.”

In addition to the civilian massacre, RSF troops killed wounded soldiers left behind by the army at military hospital in Ardmata, according to the Reuters report:

Ibrahim Youssef, a Sudanese army soldier, said… he was in the base’s medical facility being treated for a shrapnel wound when the clinic came under attack. RSF and allied militiamen stormed the facility, shooting the wounded, he said. He managed to escape by crawling behind walls and through bushes. He eventually made it to the displaced persons camp in Ardamata, where he briefly found refuge.

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