RSF imminent threat to West Africa

Sudan Events-Follow-ups

The crimes and violations of the Rapid Support Militia have recently become the focus of attention of many journalists and political analysts in various countries of the world.

Dr. David Matsanga, a politician, conflict resolution expert and concern in investigative journalism, highlighted the issue shedding light on what happened in Sudan, he posts on the “X” platform, commenting on the news of the Darfur peace movements abandoning their state of neutrality and joining the Sudanese army,

He pinpointed that the Justice and Equality Movement, headed by the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, joined the Sudanese Armed Forces to face the forces of Freedom and Change and the Rapid Support militias supported by the United States, the United Kingdom, and France.

Matsanga attached a video clip of the head of the Justice and Equality Movement in Sudan – one of the Darfur peace movements – speaking to a foreign television station, warning that the Rapid Support militia rebels represent a danger to many West African countries.

The Darfur peace movements announced last week that they were abandoning the state of neutrality that they had declared since the outbreak of war in Sudan between the government army and the rebel Rapid Support militia, and announced their alignment behind the army to protect Sudan from the crimes and violations practiced by the Rapid Support, and in order to preserve the unity of Sudan and conquer the danger of division.

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