Sierra Leone: Nationwide Curfew

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Sierra Leone has declared a nationwide curfew after unidentified gunmen attacked a military barracks and attempted: to break into an armoury in the capital, Freetown.
A government statement said on Sunday that the security forces were in control of the situation.
“In the early hours of Sunday, some unidentified individuals attempted to break into the military armoury at the Wilberforce barracks. They have been rebuffed,” Information Minister Chernor Bah said in the statement.
“A nationwide curfew has been declared with immediate effect … We strongly advise citizens to stay indoors,” the statement added.
In a message on the President Julius Maada Bio’s X social media account on Sunday, he said there had been a breach of security as some unidentified individuals attacked the military armory.
“As the combined team of our security forces continue to route out the remnants of the fleeing renegades, a nationwide curfew has been declared and citizens are encouraged to stay indoors,” the post said.

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